Action verbs

Active, intransitive verbs describe an activity in which someone does something. The action can happen on purpose, or unwittingly. Examples include the following.


she is walking about

intentional action


I'm eating

intentional action


(you) jump!

intentional action


(you) yawn!

normally unintentional*


you're breathing

unintentional action

* Normally, you have no control over yawning; however, if someone orders you to yawn, you can yawn on purpose.

In general, if the action described by the verb happens on purpose, then the verb takes agent pronominal prefixes in the habitual and punctual aspects, and patient pronominal prefixes in the stative aspect. In contrast, if the action described by the verb is unintentional, then patient pronominal prefixes are used in the habitual, punctual, and stative aspects.

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