Percent Diacritics Correct (PDC)

The PDC analysis will calculate the percentage of actual phones with correct diacritics.

Report Outline

An example table of contents is displayed below. Bold level elements are section headers while italic items are one of the tables listed above. Click here to see an example report.

  • Percent Diacritics Correct (PDC)

    • Summary

      • All Participants

      • IPA Patterns

    • Participant 1
      • Summary
      • IPA Patterns
    • … (for each selected participant)
    • Listing (All Results)

Data Preparation

Session data is queried by word for each IPA Target and IPA Actual tuple. Proper syllabification and phone alignment is required for accurate results. All participants should have unique names/identification numbers and a speaker should be assigned to all records.


The PPC report can be restricted to different sets of phones. The following pre-defined report types are available
  1. All phones
  2. Consonants
  3. Vowels
  4. Other (custom)
When 'Other (custom)' is selected a custom Phonex expression may be entered to create a custom phone set. See Example Phones Queries for some useful examples.
Other parameters:
  1. Ignore diacritics - ignore diacritics when comparing phones (default: no)
  2. Group Options
  3. Word Options
  4. Syllable Options

PDC Calculation

PDC is calculated using the following equation: