Known Issues

Some common issues with Phon are listed in the table below. To report a problem goto

Issue Resolution
Phon freezes when loading .wav file in session editor. If the .wav file was taken from a digital recording device it may be missing header information. Re-encode .wav file before using in Phon (see below.)
Unable to use IPA input fields after stacking multiple combining diacritics. No known solution at this time.
Unable to view reports/application logs. Blank window displayed. If running on a managed Windows system running AppLocker or other security software required binaries may be blocked from execution. Please see your system administrator.

Re-encode Audio File for Phon

Using the latest version of Audacity:

  • Open your original file
  • Select menu File > Export as WAV
  • Choose either WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM format or WAV (Microsoft) signed 24-bit PCM format
  • Link your Phon transcript file to this newly-created WAV file