Change Phon preferences.

  1. From any Phon window, choose the Edit > Preferences (CMD/CTRL+,) menu item, or from the Workspace window, click the Edit Preferences button in the Other Actions pane.
    The Preferences dialog will appear.
  2. From the General tab of the Preferences dialog, choose whether to Check for updates when application starts using the check box. You may also choose to re-enable any disabled information messages in the Phon interface by clicking Reset Information Messages.
  3. From the Session Editor tab, you may change the settings for Dictionary Language, Syllabifier Language, and Autosave Sessions as you see fit.
  4. From the Media tab, specify any global media folders you wish to use
  5. From the Fonts tab, change font sizes or options for different fields.
  6. When you are finished editing preferences, simply close the Preferences dialog. If a session was already open before the preferences were changed, close and reopen that session in order to implement the changes.