Known Issues

Some common issues with Phon are listed in the table below. To report a problem goto

Workspace window not shown after boot window on macosAccess to Documents folder may have been denied, check access permission in System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Files and Folders -> Phon
Phon runs out of memory generating large reports or other large operationsIncrease the amount of memory available to Phon using the method outlined below
Phon freezes when loading .wav file in session editor.If the .wav file was taken from a digital recording device it may be missing header information. Re-encode .wav file before using in Phon (see below.)
Unable to use IPA input fields after stacking multiple combining diacritics.No known solution at this time.
Unable to view reports/application logs. Blank window displayed.If running on a managed Windows system running AppLocker or other security software required binaries may be blocked from execution. Please see your system administrator.

Increase memory available to Phon

The vmoptions file can be found in the following location:

  • C:\Program Files\Phon\Phon.vmoptions (windows)

  • (macos)

    Note: Right-click on and choose Show package contents to access the Contents folder in Finder

Modify the vmoptions file, change the line which says


to another value, for example 8GB


Re-encode Audio File for Phon

Using the latest version of Audacity:

  • Open your original file

  • Select menu File > Export as WAV

  • Choose either WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM format or WAV (Microsoft) signed 24-bit PCM format

  • Link your Phon transcript file to this newly-created WAV file