Record Data

Phon records are divided vertically in tiers and laterally into phonetic groups. Every Phon record includes the following tiers by default: Additional tiers, called user defined tiers, may also be added to record data.

Tiers in Phon may be grouped, in which case each group is enclosed in a set of brackets, or ungrouped (i.e., the tier only has one group.) In the example below, the Notes, Segment, and Translation tiers are ungrouped while the Orthography, IPA Target, and IPA Actual tiers are grouped. As well, Translation is a user defined tier.

Figure 1. Record Data View
Record Data View

Word Alignment

Within groups, words are aligned based on space boundaries. To remove a word from consideration in word alignment, add a zero in front of the word in the Orthgraphy tier (see Word Prefix.) Word alignment is used during Queries and Analyses when searching by word is selected. (Note this also means that words prefixed with a zero will not appear in queries when search by word is selected.)