The Phones query is used to identify sequences of phones within either the IPA Target or IPA Actual tier. By default the phones query will include the phones which are aligned with the target sequence in the result.

Figure 1. Phones Query
Phones Query

When opening the query window, the last query options will automatically be loaded. (This behaviour may be changed in application preference - see Query Preferences.) If no query history is available, the 'Any phones' query (as shown above) is loaded. Pre-defined query parameters can be found in the Query name combo box in the top-right corner of the query form (see Named Queries.)

Deletions and Epenthesis are canned versions of the Phones query and can also be found in the Query menu.


  • Search Tier: IPA Target or IPA Actual.

  • Search by: Group, Word and optionally by syllable. This options defines the search domain for the query.

  • Expression type: Plain text, Regular Expression, Phonex, Stress Pattern, CGV Pattern

  • Expression: query expression

    • Case sensitive (not applicable for phonex expressions)

    • Exact match

Aligned Phones

Aligned Phones

The phones aligned with the queried phones can be added to query results. If Include aligned phones is selected the aligned results may also be filtered using the IPA Target Matcher and IPA Actual Matcher expressions.