Listing of phonetic features

The following is a listing of all the supported phonetic features.
Table 1. Features
Name Synonyms Primary Family Secondary Family
unreleased diacritic
consonant c
vowel v
glide g
schwa sch
labial lab place labial
bilabial bil place labial
rounded round place labial
unrounded place labial
palatal pal place dorsal
dorsal dor place dorsal
velar vel place dorsal
uvular uvu place dorsal
guttural gut place guttural
pharyngeal pha place guttural
laryngeal lar glottal place guttural
epiglottal epi place guttural
dental den place coronal
labiodental place coronal
interdental place coronal
apical api place coronal
laminal lam place coronal
coronal cor place coronal
lingual lin place
anterior ant place coronal
posterior pos place coronal
alveolar alv place coronal
alveopalatal alp postalveolar place coronal
retroflex place coronal
distributed dis place coronal
grooved gro place coronal
voiceless vcl voicing voicing
voiced vcd voicing voicing
aspirated voicing voicing
plain voicing voicing
weaklyaspirated voicing voicing
unaspirated voicing voicing
approximant app manner continuancy
liquid liq manner continuancy
lateral lat manner continuancy
rhotic rho manner continuancy
stop plosive manner continuancy
continuant cnt manner continuancy
obstruent obs manner continuancy
sonorant son manner continuancy
fricative fri manner continuancy
affricate aff delayedrelease manner continuancy
click manner continuancy
implosive manner continuancy
flap tap manner continuancy
trill manner continuancy
ejective manner continuancy
nasal nas manner nasality
oral manner nasality
prenasalized manner nasality
strident str manner stridency
low height
mid height
high height
tense tongue root
atr tongue root
rtr tongue root
lax tongue root
front backness
central backness
back backness
derhoticized diacritic
syllabic syl diacritic
nonsyllabic diacritic
advanced diacritic
retracted diacritic
lowered diacritic
raised diacritic
fronted diacritic
backed diacritic
morerounded diacritic
lessrounded diacritic
long diacritic
halflong diacritic
extrashort diacritic
breathyvoiced diacritic
creakyvoiced diacritic
prstress 1 diacritic
secstress 2 diacritic
toneglobalrise diacritic
tonedownstep diacritic
tonefalling diacritic
tonerisingfalling diacritic
tonefallingrising diacritic
tonelowrising diacritic
tonehighrising diacritic
tonerising diacritic
tonehigh diacritic
tonemid diacritic
toneglobalfall diacritic
toneextrahigh diacritic
tonelow diacritic
toneupstep diacritic
toneextralow diacritic
tone1 diacritic
tone2 diacritic
tone3 diacritic
tone4 diacritic
tone5 diacritic
tone6 diacritic
tone7 diacritic
tone8 diacritic
tone9 diacritic
pause diacritic
denasalized diacritic nasality
egressive diacritic manner
ingressive diacritic manner
labialspread diacritic labial
lowerdental diacritic place
narealfricative nasality manner
percussive manner
sliding diacritic manner
strongarticulation diacritic manner
weakarticulation diacritic manner
distorted diacritic
subapical place coronal
velopharyngeal place
velopharyngealfricative diacritic manner
whistled diacritic manner
lenis diacritic manner
sandhi diacritic
quasiresonant place
semiresonant place
raspberry place
transition place
spirant spi diacritic