Listing of IPA Characters

The following is a lising of all supported IPA characters along with the glyph unicode value, name, token type and feature set.
Table 1. Supported IPA Characters
Glyph Unicode Value Name Type Features
0x2205 Empty Set cover symbol
0x20 Space space
$ 0x24 Dollar Sign dollar sign
{ 0x7B Open Brace open brace
} 0x7D Close Brace close brace
: 0x3A Colon colon
0 0x30 Zero digit
1 0x31 One digit
2 0x32 Two digit
3 0x33 Three digit
4 0x34 Four digit
5 0x35 Five digit
6 0x36 Six digit
7 0x37 Seven digit
8 0x38 Eight digit
9 0x39 Nine digit
^ 0x5E Caret intra word pause
0x2194 Left Right Arrow alignment
ǃ 0x1C3 Latin Letter Retroflex Click consonant
( 0x28 Left Parenthesis open paren
) 0x29 Right Parenthesis close paren
* 0x2A Asterisk cover symbol
+ 0x2B Plus sign plus
. 0x2E Full Stop period
A 0x41 Latin Capital Letter A cover symbol
B 0x42 Latin Capital Letter B cover symbol
C 0x43 Latin Capital Letter C cover symbol
D 0x44 Latin Capital Letter D cover symbol
E 0x45 Latin Capital Letter E cover symbol
F 0x46 Latin Capital Letter F cover symbol
G 0x47 Latin Capital Letter G cover symbol
H 0x48 Latin Capital Letter H cover symbol
I 0x49 Latin Capital Letter I cover symbol
J 0x4A Latin Capital Letter J cover symbol
K 0x4B Latin Capital Letter K cover symbol
L 0x4C Latin Capital Letter L cover symbol
M 0x4D Latin Capital Letter M cover symbol
N 0x4E Latin Capital Letter N cover symbol
O 0x4F Latin Capital Letter O cover symbol
P 0x50 Latin Capital Letter P cover symbol
Q 0x51 Latin Capital Letter Q cover symbol
R 0x52 Latin Capital Letter R cover symbol
S 0x53 Latin Capital Letter S cover symbol
T 0x54 Latin Capital Letter T cover symbol
U 0x55 Latin Capital Letter U cover symbol
V 0x56 Latin Capital Letter V cover symbol
W 0x57 Latin Capital Letter W cover symbol
X 0x58 Latin Capital Letter X cover symbol
Y 0x59 Latin Capital Letter Y cover symbol
Z 0x5A Latin Capital Letter Z cover symbol
> 0x3E Greater-than Sign glide
a 0x61 Latin Letter Small A vowel
b 0x62 Latin Letter Small B consonant
c 0x63 Latin Letter Small C consonant
d 0x64 Latin Letter Small D consonant
e 0x65 Latin Letter Small E vowel
f 0x66 Latin Letter Small F consonant
g 0x67 Latin Letter Small G consonant
h 0x68 Latin Letter Small H consonant
i 0x69 Latin Letter Small I vowel
j 0x6A Latin Letter Small J glide
k 0x6B Latin Letter Small K consonant
l 0x6C Latin Letter Small L consonant
m 0x6D Latin Letter Small M consonant
n 0x6E Latin Letter Small N consonant
o 0x6F Latin Letter Small O vowel
p 0x70 Latin Letter Small P consonant
q 0x71 Latin Letter Small Q consonant
r 0x72 Latin Letter Small R consonant
s 0x73 Latin Letter Small S consonant
t 0x74 Latin Letter Small T consonant
u 0x75 Latin Letter Small U vowel
v 0x76 Latin Letter Small V consonant
w 0x77 Latin Letter Small W glide
x 0x78 Latin Letter Small X consonant
y 0x79 Latin Letter Small Y vowel
z 0x7A Latin Letter Small Z consonant
¡ 0xA1 Inverted Exclamation Mark consonant
¹ 0xB9 Superscript One (Number 1) tone
² 0xB2 Superscript Two (Number 2) tone
³ 0xB3 Superscript Three (Number 3) tone
0x2074 Superscript Four (Number 4) tone
0x2075 Superscript Five (Number 5) tone
0x2076 Superscript Six (Number 6) tone
0x2077 Superscript Seven (Number 7) tone
0x2078 Superscript Eight (Number 8) tone
0x2079 Superscript Nine (Number 9) tone
æ 0xE6 Latin Letter Small AE vowel
ç 0xE7 Latin Letter Small C with cedilla consonant
ð 0xF0 Latin Letter Small Eth consonant
ø 0xF8 Latin Letter Small O with Stroke vowel
ħ 0x127 Latin Letter Small H with Stroke consonant
ŋ 0x14B Latin Letter Small Eng consonant
œ 0x153 Latin Small Ligature OE vowel
ƀ 0x180 Latin Letter Small B with Stroke consonant
ƈ 0x188 Latin Letter Small C with Hook consonant
ƙ 0x199 Latin Letter Small K with Hook consonant
ƛ 0x19B Latin Letter Small Lamda with Stroke consonant
ƞ 0x19E Latin Letter Small N with Long Right Leg consonant
ƥ 0x1A5 Latin Letter Small P with Hook consonant
ƫ 0x1AB Latin Letter Small T with Palatal Hook consonant
ƹ 0x1B9 Latin Letter Small Ezh Reversed consonant
ƺ 0x1BA Latin Letter Small Ezh with Tail consonant
ǀ 0x1C0 Latin Letter Dental Click consonant
ǁ 0x1C1 Latin Letter Lateral Click consonant
ǂ 0x1C2 Latin Letter Alveopalatal Click consonant
ȴ 0x234 Latin Letter Small L with Curl consonant
ȵ 0x235 Latin Letter Small N with Curl consonant
ȶ 0x236 Latin Letter Small T with Curl consonant
ɐ 0x250 Latin Letter Small Turned A vowel
ɑ 0x251 Latin Letter Small Alpha vowel
ɒ 0x252 Latin Letter Small Turned Alpha vowel
ɓ 0x253 Latin Letter Small B with Hook consonant
ɔ 0x254 Latin Letter Small Open O vowel
ɕ 0x255 Latin Letter Small C with Curl consonant
ɖ 0x256 Latin Letter Small D with Tail consonant
ɗ 0x257 Latin Letter Small D with Hook consonant
ɘ 0x258 Latin Letter Small Reversed E vowel
ə 0x259 Latin Letter Small Schwa vowel
ɚ 0x25A Latin Letter Small Schwa with Hook vowel
ɛ 0x25B Latin Letter Small Open E vowel
ɜ 0x25C Latin Letter Small Reversed Open E vowel
ɝ 0x25D Latin Letter Small Reversed Open E with Hook vowel
ɞ 0x25E Latin Letter Small Closed Reversed Open E vowel
ɟ 0x25F Latin Letter Small Dotless J with Stroke consonant
ɠ 0x260 Latin Letter Small G with Hook consonant
ɡ 0x261 Latin Letter Small Script G consonant
ɢ 0x262 Latin Letter Small Capital G consonant
ɣ 0x263 Latin Letter Small Gamma consonant
ɤ 0x264 Latin Letter Small Ram’s Horns vowel
ɥ 0x265 Latin Letter Small Turned H glide
ɦ 0x266 Latin Letter Small H with Hook consonant
ɧ 0x267 Latin Letter Small Heng with Hook consonant
ɨ 0x268 Latin Letter Small I with Stroke vowel
ɩ 0x269 Latin Letter Small Iota vowel
ɪ 0x26A Latin Letter Small Capital I vowel
ɫ 0x26B Latin Letter Small L with middle Tilde consonant
ɬ 0x26C Latin Letter Small L with Belt consonant
ɭ 0x26D Latin Letter Small L with Retroflex Hook consonant
ɮ 0x26E Latin Letter Small LEzh consonant
ɯ 0x26F Latin Letter Small Turned M vowel
ɰ 0x270 Latin Letter Small Turned M with Long Leg glide
ɱ 0x271 Latin Letter Small M with Hook consonant
ɲ 0x272 Latin Letter Small N with Left Hook consonant
ɳ 0x273 Latin Letter Small N with Retroflex Hook consonant
ɴ 0x274 Latin Letter Small Capital N consonant
ɵ 0x275 Latin Letter Small Barred O vowel
ɶ 0x276 Latin Letter Small Capital OE vowel
ɷ 0x277 Latin Letter Small Closed Omega vowel
ɸ 0x278 Latin Letter Small Phi consonant
ɹ 0x279 Latin Letter Small Turned R consonant
ɺ 0x27A Latin Letter Small Turned R with Long Leg consonant
ɻ 0x27B Latin Letter Small Turned R with Hook consonant
ɼ 0x27C Latin Letter Small R with Long Leg consonant
ɽ 0x27D Latin Letter Small R with Tail consonant
ɾ 0x27E Latin Letter Small R with Fish Hook consonant
ʀ 0x280 Latin Letter Small Capital R consonant
ʁ 0x281 Latin Letter Small Capital Inverted R consonant
ʂ 0x282 Latin Letter Small S with Hook consonant
ʃ 0x283 Latin Letter Small Esh consonant
ʄ 0x284 Latin Letter Small Dotless J with Stroke and Hook consonant
ʆ 0x286 Latin Letter Small Esh with Curl consonant
ʇ 0x287 Latin Letter Small Turned T consonant
ʈ 0x288 Latin Letter Small T with Retroflex Hook consonant
ʉ 0x289 Latin Letter Small U Bar vowel
ʊ 0x28A Latin Letter Small Upsilon vowel
ʋ 0x28B Latin Letter Small V with Hook consonant
ʌ 0x28C Latin Letter Small Turned V vowel
ʍ 0x28D Latin Letter Small Turned W consonant
ʎ 0x28E Latin Letter Small Turned Y consonant
ʏ 0x28F Latin Letter Small Capital Y vowel
ʐ 0x290 Latin Letter Small Z with Retroflex Hook consonant
ʑ 0x291 Latin Letter Small Z with Curl consonant
ʒ 0x292 Latin Letter Small Ezh consonant
ʓ 0x293 Latin Letter Small Ezh with Curl consonant
ʔ 0x294 Latin Letter Glottal Stop consonant
ʕ 0x295 Latin Letter Pharyngeal Voiced Fricative consonant
ʖ 0x296 Latin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop consonant
ʗ 0x297 Latin Letter Stretched C consonant
ʘ 0x298 Latin Letter Bilabial Click consonant
ʙ 0x299 Latin Letter Small Capital B consonant
ʚ 0x29A Latin Letter Small Closed Open E vowel
ʛ 0x29B Latin Letter Small Capital G with Hook consonant
ʜ 0x29C Latin Letter Small Capital H consonant
ʝ 0x29D Latin Letter Small J with Crossed-Tail consonant
ʞ 0x29E Latin Letter Small Turned K consonant
ʟ 0x29F Latin Letter Small Capital L consonant
ʠ 0x2A0 Latin Letter Small Q with Hook consonant
ʡ 0x2A1 Latin Letter Glottal Stop with Stroke consonant
ʢ 0x2A2 Latin Letter Reversed Glottal Stop with Stroke consonant
ʣ 0x2A3 Latin Letter Small DZ Digraph consonant
ʤ 0x2A4 Latin Letter Small DEzh Digraph consonant
ʥ 0x2A5 Latin Letter Small DZ Digraph with Curl consonant
ʦ 0x2A6 Latin Letter Small TS Digraph consonant
ʧ 0x2A7 Latin Letter Small TEsh Digraph consonant
ʨ 0x2A8 Latin Letter Small TC Digraph with Curl consonant
ʩ 0x2A9 Latin Letter Small FEng Digraph consonant
ʪ 0x2AA Latin Letter Small LS Digraph consonant
ʫ 0x2AB Latin Letter Small LZ Digraph consonant
ʬ 0x2AC Latin Letter Bilabial Percussive consonant
ʭ 0x2AD Latin Letter Bidental Percussive consonant
ʮ 0x2AE Latin Letter Small Turned H with Fish Hook vowel
ʰ 0x2B0 Modifier Letter Small H suffix diacritic
ʱ 0x2B1 Modifier Letter Small H with Hook suffix diacritic
ʲ 0x2B2 Modifier Letter Small J suffix diacritic
ʳ 0x2B3 Modifier Letter Small R suffix diacritic
ʴ 0x2B4 Modifier Letter Small Turned R suffix diacritic
ʵ 0x2B5 Modifier Letter Small Turned R with Hook suffix diacritic
ʶ 0x2B6 Modifier Letter Small Capital Inverted R suffix diacritic
ʷ 0x2B7 Modifier Letter Small W suffix diacritic
ʸ 0x2B8 Modifier Letter Small Y suffix diacritic
ʻ 0x2BB Modifier Letter Turned Comma suffix diacritic
ʼ 0x2BC Modifier Letter Apostrophe suffix diacritic
ʽ 0x2BD Modifier Letter Reversed Comma suffix diacritic
ʾ 0x2BE Modifier Letter Right Half Ring suffix diacritic
ʿ 0x2BF Modifier Letter Left Half Ring suffix diacritic
ˀ 0x2C0 Modifier Letter Glottal Stop suffix diacritic
ˁ 0x2C1 Modifier Letter Reversed Glottal Stop suffix diacritic
ˈ 0x2C8 Modifier Letter Vertical Line primary stress
ˌ 0x2CC Modifier Letter Low Vertical Line secondary stress
ː 0x2D0 Modifier Letter Triangular Colon long
ˑ 0x2D1 Modifier Letter Half Triangular Colon half long
˞ 0x2DE Modifier Letter Rhotic Hook suffix diacritic
ˠ 0x2E0 Modifier Letter Small Gamma suffix diacritic
ˡ 0x2E1 Modifier Letter Small L suffix diacritic
˥ 0x2E5 Modifier Letter Extra-High Tone Bar suffix diacritic
˦ 0x2E6 Modifier Letter High Tone Bar suffix diacritic
˧ 0x2E7 Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar suffix diacritic
˨ 0x2E8 Modifier Letter Low Tone Bar suffix diacritic
˩ 0x2E9 Modifier Letter Extra-Low Tone Bar suffix diacritic
ˬ 0x2EC Modifier Letter Voicing suffix diacritic
˭ 0x2ED Modifier Letter Unaspirated suffix diacritic
◌̀ 0x300 Combining Grave Accent combining diacritic
◌́ 0x301 Combining Acute Accent combining diacritic
◌̂ 0x302 Combining Circumflex Accent combining diacritic
◌̃ 0x303 Combining Tilde combining diacritic
◌̄ 0x304 Combining Macron combining diacritic
◌̆ 0x306 Combining Breve combining diacritic
◌̇ 0x307 Combining Dot Above combining diacritic
◌̈ 0x308 Combining Diaeresis combining diacritic
◌̊ 0x30A Combining Ring Above combining diacritic
◌̋ 0x30B Combining Double Acute Accent combining diacritic
◌̌ 0x30C Combining Caron combining diacritic
◌̏ 0x30F Combining Double Grave Accent combining diacritic
◌̑ 0x311 Combining Inverted Breve combining diacritic
◌̘ 0x318 Combining Left Tack Below combining diacritic
◌̙ 0x319 Combining Right Tack Below combining diacritic
◌̚ 0x31A Combining Left Angle Above combining diacritic
◌̜ 0x31C Combining Left Half Ring Below combining diacritic
◌̝ 0x31D Combining Up Tack Below combining diacritic
◌̞ 0x31E Combining Down Tack Below combining diacritic
◌̟ 0x31F Combining Plus Sign Below combining diacritic
◌̠ 0x320 Combining Minus Sign Below combining diacritic
◌̡ 0x321 Combining Palatalized Hook Below combining diacritic
◌̢ 0x322 Combining Retroflex Hook Below combining diacritic
◌̣ 0x323 Combining Dot Below combining diacritic
◌̤ 0x324 Combining Diaeresis Below combining diacritic
◌̥ 0x325 Combining Ring Below combining diacritic
◌̩ 0x329 Combining Vertical Line Below combining diacritic
◌̪ 0x32A Combining Bridge Below combining diacritic
◌̬ 0x32C Combining Caron Below combining diacritic
◌̯ 0x32F Combining Inverted Breve Below combining diacritic
◌̰ 0x330 Combining Tilde Below combining diacritic
◌̴ 0x334 Combining Tilde Overlay combining diacritic
◌̹ 0x339 Combining Right Half Ring Below combining diacritic
◌̺ 0x33A Combining Inverted Bridge Below combining diacritic
◌̻ 0x33B Combining Square Below combining diacritic
◌̼ 0x33C Combining Seagull Below combining diacritic
◌̽ 0x33D Combining X Above combining diacritic
◌͆ 0x346 Combining Bridge Above combining diacritic
◌͇ 0x347 Combining Equal Sign Below combining diacritic
◌͈ 0x348 Combining Double Vertical Line Below combining diacritic
◌͉ 0x349 Combining Left Angle Below combining diacritic
◌͊ 0x34A Combining Not Tilde Above combining diacritic
◌͋ 0x34B Combining Homothetic Above combining diacritic
◌͌ 0x34C Combining Almost Equal To Above combining diacritic
◌͍ 0x34D Combining Left Right Arrow Below combining diacritic
◌͎ 0x34E Combining Upwards Arrow Below combining diacritic
◌͔ 0x354 Combining Left Arrow Head Below combining diacritic
◌͕ 0x355 Combining Right Arrow Head Below combining diacritic
͜ 0x35C Combining Double Breve Below ligature
͡ 0x361 Combining Double Inverted Breve ligature
͢ 0x362 Combining Double Rightwards Arrow Below ligature
α 0x3B1 Greek Small Letter Alpha vowel
β 0x3B2 Greek Small Letter Beta consonant
δ 0x3B4 Greek Small Letter Delta consonant
θ 0x3B8 Greek Small Letter Theta consonant
λ 0x3BB Greek Small Letter Lamda consonant
π 0x3C0 Greek Small Letter Pi consonant
χ 0x3C7 Greek Small Letter Chi consonant
0x1D4A Modifier Letter Small Schwa suffix diacritic
0x1D50 Modifier Letter Small M prefix diacritic
0x1D51 Modifier Letter Small Eng prefix diacritic
0x207F Modifier Letter Small N prefix diacritic
0x1DAC Modifier Letter Small M with Hook prefix diacritic
0x1DAE Modifier Letter Small N with Left Hook prefix diacritic
0x1DAF Modifier Letter Small N with Retroflex Hook prefix diacritic
0x1DB0 Modifier Letter Small Capital N prefix diacritic
0x1D91 Latin Letter Small D with Hook and Tail consonant
0x2016 Double Vertical Line major group
| 0x7C Vertical Line minor group
0x2191 Upwards Arrow tone
0x2193 Downwards Arrow tone
0x2197 Northeast Arrow tone
0x2198 Southeast Arrow tone
0xA71B Up Arrow tone
0xA71C Down Arrow tone
̵ 0x335 Combining Short Stroke Overlay - Affix Diacritic Role Switcher role reversal
ƒ 0x192 Latin Letter Small F with Hook consonant
0x203F Undertie sandhi
0x2040 Overtie sandhi
ƪ 0x1AA Latin Letter Reversed Esh with Loop consonant
ƭ 0x1AD Latin Letter Small T with Hook consonant
ɥ 0x265 Latin Letter Small Turned H consonant
ɰ 0x270 Latin Letter Small Turned M with Long Leg consonant
ı 0x131 Latin Letter Small Dotless I vowel
◌᷄ 0x1DC4 Combining Macron-Acute combining diacritic
◌᷅ 0x1DC5 Combining Grave-Macron combining diacritic
◌᷆ 0x1DC6 Combining Macron-Grave combining diacritic
◌᷇ 0x1DC7 Combining Acute-Macron combining diacritic
◌᷈ 0x1DC8 Combining Grave-Acute-Grave combining diacritic
0x2191 Upwards Arrow tone
0x2193 Downwards Arrow tone
0x2197 North-East arrow tone
0x2198 South-East Arrow tone
0xA71B Modifier Letter Raised Up Arrow tone
0xA71C Modifier Letter Raised Down Arrow tone
˂ 0x2C2 Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead suffix diacritic
˃ 0x2C3 Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead suffix diacritic
˄ 0x2C4 Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead suffix diacritic
˅ 0x2C5 Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead suffix diacritic
ˆ 0x2C6 Modifier Letter Circumflex Accent tone
ˇ 0x2C7 Caron tone
ˉ 0x2C9 Modifier Letter Macron tone
ˊ 0x2CA Modifier Letter Acute Accent tone
ˋ 0x2CB Modifier Letter Grave Accent tone
˔ 0x2D4 Modifier Letter Up Tack tone
˕ 0x2D5 Modifier Letter Down Tack tone
˖ 0x2D6 Modifier Letter Plus Sign suffix diacritic
˗ 0x2D7 Modifier Letter Minus Sign suffix diacritic
˜ 0x2DC Small Tilde suffix diacritic
ˢ 0x2E2 Modifier Letter Small S suffix diacritic
ˣ 0x2E3 Modifier Letter Small X suffix diacritic
ˤ 0x2E4 Modifier Letter Small Reversed Glottal Stop suffix diacritic
˯ 0x2EF Modifier Letter Low Down Arrowhead suffix diacritic
˰ 0x2F0 Modifier Letter Low Up Arrowhead suffix diacritic
˱ 0x2F1 Modifier Letter Low Left Arrowhead suffix diacritic
˲ 0x2F2 Modifier Letter Low Right Arrowhead suffix diacritic
˵ 0x2F5 Modifier Letter Middle Double Grave Accent tone
˶ 0x2F6 Modifier Letter Middle Double Acute Accent tone
˸ 0x2F8 Modifier Letter Raised Colon tone
˹ 0x2F9 Modifier Letter Begin High Tone tone
˺ 0x2FA Modifier Letter End High Tone tone
˻ 0x2FB Modifier Letter Begin Low Tone tone
˼ 0x2FC Modifier Letter End Low Tone tone
˽ 0x2FD Modifier Letter Shelf tone
˾ 0x2FE Modifier Letter Open Shelf tone
˿ 0x2FF Modifier Letter Low Left Arrow tone
0x1DBB Modifier Letter Small Z suffix diacritic
0x1DB4 Modifier Letter Small Esh suffix diacritic
0x1DBE Modifier Letter Small Ezh suffix diacritic
ᶿ 0x1DBF Modifier Letter Small Theta suffix diacritic
0x1D56 Modifier Letter Small P suffix diacritic
0x1D57 Modifier Letter Small T suffix diacritic
0x1D4F Modifier Letter Small K suffix diacritic
0x1D47 Modifier Letter Smalll B suffix diacritic
0x1D48 Modifier Letter Small D suffix diacritic
0x1D4D Modifier Letter Small G suffix diacritic
0x207C Superscript Equals Sign suffix diacritic
◌̉ 0x309 Combining Hook Above combining diacritic
◌̐ 0x310 Combining Candrabindu combining diacritic
◌̒ 0x312 Combining Turned Comma Above combining diacritic
◌̔ 0x314 Combining Reversed Comma Above combining diacritic
◌̖ 0x316 Combining Grave Accent Below combining diacritic
◌̫ 0x32B Combining Inverted Double Arch Below combining diacritic
◌̮ 0x32E Combining Breve Below combining diacritic
◌̱ 0x331 Combining Macron Below combining diacritic
◌̲ 0x332 Combining Low Line combining diacritic
◌̳ 0x333 Combining Double Low Line combining diacritic
◌̾ 0x33E Combining Vertical Tilde combining diacritic
◌̿ 0x33F Combining Double Overline combining diacritic
◌͐ 0x350 Combining Right Arrowhead Above combining diacritic
◌͑ 0x351 Combining Left Half Ring Above combining diacritic
◌͒ 0x352 Combining Fermata combining diacritic
◌͓ 0x353 Combining X Below combining diacritic
◌͖ 0x356 Combining Right Arrowhead and Up Arrowhead Below combining diacritic
◌͗ 0x357 Combining Right Half Ring Above combining diacritic
◌͝ 0x35D Combining Double Breve combining diacritic
◌͞ 0x35E Combining Double Macron combining diacritic
◌͟ 0x35F Combining Double Macron Below combining diacritic
◌͠ 0x360 Combining Double Tilde combining diacritic
◌ͣ 0x363 Combining Latin Letter Small A combining diacritic
◌ͤ 0x364 Combining Latin Letter Small E combining diacritic
◌ͥ 0x365 Combining Latin Letter Small I combining diacritic
◌ͦ 0x366 Combining Latin Letter Small O combining diacritic
◌ͧ 0x367 Combining Latin Letter Small U combining diacritic
◌ͨ 0x368 Combining Latin Letter Small C combining diacritic
◌ͩ 0x369 Combining Latin Letter Small D combining diacritic
◌ͪ 0x36A Combining Latin Letter Small H combining diacritic
◌ͫ 0x36B Combining Latin Letter Small M combining diacritic
◌ͬ 0x36C Combining Latin Letter Small R combining diacritic
◌ͭ 0x36D Combining Latin Letter Small T combining diacritic
◌ͮ 0x36E Combining Latin Letter Small V combining diacritic
◌ͯ 0x36F Combining Latin Letter Small X combining diacritic
· 0x387 Greek Ano Teleia suffix diacritic
◌᷉ 0x1DC9 Falling Rising Tone combining diacritic
0x2C71 Latin Letter Small V with Right Hook consonant