Editor Layouts

The Session Editor has several built-in view layouts to assist users in session-related tasks.

The following layouts are available:

  • Default

    The default layout when you first open a session, corresponds to the Segmentation layout.

  • Find & Replace

    This layout facilitates searching and replacing terms across multiple records in a session. It includes the Media Player, Find & Replace, Tier Management, and Record Data views.

  • Segmentation

    Designed to facilitate media linkage and segmentation and other tasks in new sessions, this layout includes the Media Player, Timeline, Record Data, and Session Information views.

  • Syllabification & Alignment

    This layout facilitates manual verification of syllabification and alignment data in a session. It includes the Record Data, Syllabification & Alignment, and Speech Analysis views.

  • Transcription

    This layout is designed to facilitate the transcription of records. It includes the Media Player, Waveform, and Record Data views; the IPA Lookup view is also included to streamline or automatize the transcription process.

  • Validation

    The Validation layout is designed for validating blind transcriptions. It includes the Media Player, IPA Validation, and Record Data views, with IPA Lookup and Waveform minimized at the bottom. Note that the IPA Validation view will not display blind transcriptions when in Blind mode, so that one user's blind transcriptions will not influence the other's.

  • User-defined layouts

    Any layouts which have created and saved by the user will be available at the bottom of the list of views.

  • Previous

    The previous user-defined layout is available here. User-defined layouts are automatically saved to Previous when the Session Editor window is closed.


The following actions are availble from the View menu

Save Current Layout

Save currently visible Session Editor layout for future use.

From the Session Editor window, with views arranged in desired format:
  1. Click the Select layout button at the top left corner of the Session Editor window and choose Save current layout..., or select the View > Save current layout... menu item.

    A window will appear prompting you to give the layout a name.
  2. Enter a name for the layout (usually reflective of the task you would use that layout to perform). Click OK, or click Cancel if you are unsure.

    The new layout will now be available in layout menus.

Delete Saved Layout

Delete a user-created Session Editor layout.

From the Session Editor window:
  1. Click the Select layout button at the top left of the Session Editor window and go to the Delete layout menu item, or go to the View > Delete layout menu, and select the layout you wish to delete.

    A confirmation dialog will appear, asking whether you wish to delete the layout.
  2. If you are unsure whether you'd like to delete this layout, click No. Otherwise, click Yes to continue.

    The user-created layout will no longer appear in layout menus.