Run a quick search within your session and navigate to records containing results.

From the Session Editor window:
  1. The Search bar is located in the top right portion of the Session Editor window. Click the drop down arrow on the left of the Search bar to choose options for your search, such as whether to Include excluded records, or Case sensitive.

  2. Enter your search term in the Search bar.

    A list of all records containing your search term in the specified search tiers will be displayed, showing the record numbers and tier data. If there are no results, this list will be empty.
    Note: To view a Record List generated from your search results, either press enter with results visible, or click the drop down arrow on the left of the Search bar and select Open Record List. This will open a list of the search results in a new, undocked view. If no search terms have been entered, the Record List will contain all records in the session.
  3. Click on a row in the search results or Record List to navigate to that record.

    The Session Editor will navigate to the chosen record, and the list of search results will remain open.
  4. To hide the list of search results, press Esc, and continue to use the Session Editor as per normal. To show the list again, click on the Search bar.

  5. To clear the Search bar, click Clear field/X.

    Note: Any Search options specified in Step 1 will remain in place until they are manually changed or the session is closed.


In this type of search field, the following syntax is accepted:


Possible elements:

  • <column>

    The name of a column in the displayed table.

  • <expr>

    Either a regular expression (regex), a phone sequence expression (phonex) or plain text.

Some example expressions:
Table 1.
Expression Matches
b Any row with a column that contains 'b'
Speaker:Anne; b Any row where column 'Speaker' is 'Anne' and any other column contains 'b'
IPA Target:b{v} Any row where the IPA Target column contains 'b' followed by a vowel
IPA Target,IPA Actual:k{v} Any row where either the IPA Target or the IPA Actual column contains 'k' followed by a vowel
Orthography:c; IPA Target:{c}{g} Any row where the Orthography column contains 'c' and IPA Target contains a consonant followed by a glide.