In the Phon Session Editor, the Participant(s) in a session may be specified and records may be associated with individual participants.

'Participant', in this case means a speaker in a research study. Often, only one target speaker is listed and transcribed as a participant in a session. However, there may be more than one target speaker per session, or it may be useful to have records that include the utterances of interlocutors for the purpose of establishing context for the target's utterances.

Associating an utterance with a speaker allows you to:

  • study intra-speaker speech patterns and changes
  • compare the patterns of multiple speakers
  • compile several speakers' data together to make more generalizable observations.

Since a corpus often contains data mostly relevant to a specific participant, Phon allows users to specify one set of participants for an entire corpus, in what is known as a corpus template. See ../project_manager/corpora.html#edit_corpus_template for instructions.