CV Pattern Match

Convert IPA Target and IPA Actual transcripts into a CV pattern and compare the results.


Figure 1. CV Pattern Match Parameters
CV Pattern Match Parameters
The following parameters are available:
  • CV Pattern Options - these options affect how the CV pattern of IPA transcripts is constructed.
    • Strip diacritics - See Diacritic Options
    • Include stress markers
    • Include explicit syllable boundaries (syllable breaks marked with a dot '.')
    • Insert implicit syllable boundaries - insert a dot at every syllable break which is not marked with stress.
    • Compensatory lengthening - any C or V marked with a long or halflong diacritic will be doubled. Note: if length diacritics are ignored then this setting will have no effect.
    • Simplify composed phones - phones composed with a ligature will be reduced to a single character.

Report Outline

A sample table of contents is displayed below. Bold level elements are section headers while italic items are tables.

  • CV Pattern Match

    • Summary (all participants)
    • Participant 1

      • Summary

      • CV Pattern Matches
      • CV Pattern Mismatches
    • … (for each selected participant)
    • Listing (all results)

See Also

This analysis is also part of the Word Match analysis available in the Specialized section in the Anslysis menu.